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After spending over 30 years in the automotive retail industry I decided I had had enough of the sales end of the business however the car business is all I knew. My father was in automotive sales so naturally I followed him into the business. I wanted to provided a service to the automotive industry that was needed. I started racking my brain. What was always a problem for dealers and customers? Keys!! Customers always want a second key when purchasing a preowned vehicle and customers were always losing or breaking keys. When this happened the options were go to the dealer which meant make an appointment, drop off car, be without car for a few hours or days, and then the cost! A second option was call a locksmith, a better option than the dealer, however most locksmiths don’t stock a large selection of car keys, thus they had to order most keys, again time! We decided to focus only on car keys, that’s all we do no house keys, no motorcycle keys, no padlock keys car keys!

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